Before Sale

Are you thinking about selling your old car?

 Did you know that 90% of people are focused on the apppearnce of the car? thats why
a well prepared car will gain 90% increase cahnce of sale.
We can also perform a professional photoshoot of your car
We hve three packages for you to chose from :

1. Exterior Service
2. Interior Service
3. Car servicing

Yes ! We can prepare it for you!
Most people take one look at the first picture of your car and decide if its’s worth looking
into further even if they have found themselves a good deal.
With our service we can make sure that those first pictures will defintily get everyone’s attention.

We are able to do things like improving the appearance of your car –  interior and exterior
We also provide “Car Service” like replace all filter
and oil change so you can rest easy that the next owner won’t have a reason to complain.

You are a car dealer?  Please ask about the prices 

This offer is also available if you have bought a car and you want it to look like new ! 

Exterior Service
Realization Time: 8h
This service will restore your Car so that it will be like new again, We remove more than 80% of scratches and swirls that appeared after washing, e.g. at cheap car washes.
Washing Fireball Active Snowfoam
Paint Decontamination
Paint Iron Remover Exfoliation
Machine polishing to remove more than 80% of swirls and defects
Exterior Glass Cleaning
6 Months Premium Paint Protection Sealant
10 pictures are included
Removal of dents is additional options
Interior Service
Realization Time: 2h
The interior will be cleaned, vacuumed and disinfected by Ozone clean machine, which will remove all bacteria and not pleasant smells.
Cleaning Front Panel, Dashboard, and Console
Clean Interior Glass
Vacuum & Interior Dust-Off
Spillage and Odour Removal
Anti-bacterial / Ozone Anti-virus Treatments
Cleaning Carpets & Floor mats
Seats - textile and leather wash +£100
Car Servicing
Realization Time: 2h
This option is available if you want to have your car checked for technical and necessary service
Full Technical check
Replacing the Engine oil
Replacing the Oil filter
Replacing the Fuel filter
Replacing the Air Filter
Confirmation of the service in the service book
The service will be provided by external company

Prices depend on the condition and size of the car

Call or write to us to make an appointment


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