RK Customs

Don’t like the chrome trim on your car? A simple chrome delete will solve that.

RK Car Design can change the colour of your window trims and other trim parts such as front grille, fog lamp trims and surrounds.

If you have silver chrome trim we can wrap it in any colour or finish from our range to achieve the chrome delete look. We can wrap almost any chrome trim on any vehicle at a fraction of the cost of replacing all the individual aparts with black or carbon fibre finish versions.

We can give you an Black Edition look or alternatively highlight chrome trims in an alternative contrasting colour depending upon whether you want a stand out or stealthy look to your vehicle.

The price is simple:

  • Elements as windows trim or side strips £15 for each meter
  • Grill from £60
  • Mirror Wings from £49
  • Rear Spoiler From £60

(Price are based on the color Black Gloss)


We are sorry but we do not give you a guarantee becouse if wrap peel off we cannot confirm is our fault or e.g. after a car wash (pressure or automatic).
It does not happen, but to avoid confusion, we nedd inform you about it.

Thank you for your understanding.

Brake Caliper Painting

Cost of calliper painting:

Brake calliper painting starts from £125 for a full set and takes 1-2 working days.

Durability minimum 2-3 years

Calipers are wet painted on the car

Calipers are given a stage by stage preparation and cleaning treatment
They are then masked and carefully bagged with bodyshop protection
The calipers are then etched primered and spray painted under low pressure

We use high quality heat resistant paint on the cars and take one or two working days to complete our work. Our work comes with a one year guarantee.  Just select a colour and let us do all the work for you.

All colours are available and takes a full day

  • Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow,  Silver, White, Gold

Any stickers / decals are included

Windscreen Sunstrips

Glare from the sun is a real nuisance for drivers. We have all been in the situation where the sun has been in our eyes, particularly in the early moring or in the evening rush hour. The problem is intensified in the summer, but is still present in the spring and autumn months when the sun sits low on the horizon. And although the cars visor may eliminate glare, more often than not it obscures your view of the road even more. A simple and cost effective solution is to have a sunstrip applied to your vehicle windscreen, reducing sun glare while still allowing you to see out.


A sunstrip is a tinted band that is installed to run along the top of your windscreen, which is the area of the glass that the majority of solar glare affects. It is a solid band that runs the entire width of your screen meaning that the sun is blocked no matter which direction you travel. A common flaw with the plastic sun visor is that the sun ends up creeping out from behind them (normally around the rear view mirror). A tinted sunstrip eliminates this problem completely.

Contact us now if you're looking for a windscreen sunstrip.
Sun strips include installation is ONLY £ 25

Supplied & Fitted to any car, 4x4 or MPV
Custom sunstrips price may vary

Inside or outside installation on request.

Shades: 50%, 25% or 5% to chose 


Light Tinting 

RK Car Design offer you a unique tint which we apply to your headlights, fog lights and rear lights.

It is also suitable to use on motorbike lights!
We offer different shades of colours for you to choose from which are non-permanent which means they are easily removable.
Prices from £49 and premium wrap £59 per set and can be done swiftly enough to avoid you hanging around for to long.



Dash camera installation

Full Installation + Toguard Full HD Front and Rear Camera is from £129

Through our installation service we are able to offer individuals a complete package.
From selecting a suitable dash camera, to organising and then professional fitting the dash cam to the intended vehicle.

We install the majority of our dash cameras using a fuse holder adapter, this allows us to fit the camera without cutting any cables.
This is especially important when there is a guarantee or warranty on the vehicle.

Our fitter will install your dash camera as discreetly as possible whilst still allowing for the best viewing angle.

This would usually involve positioning the dash camera neatly behind your rear view mirror.

Key Word:

  • High Resolution 2.5K+1080P with Night Vision】 TOGUARD 12 inch touch screen mirror dash cam is equipped with high resolution 2.5K (2560*1440p) front camera and 1080P (1920*1080p) rear camera, which provides crystal clear video quality to read license plates during day and night, protecting yourself and have proof for insurance claims like car accidents.

  • Smart Voice Control System】The voice command of this mirror dash cam is the best feature than other dash cameras. You talk, it listens, which works flawlessly and makes it easy and quick to operate, like turn on/off screen, lock video, start reverse, start/stop recording, switch cameras, etc. You even do not need to connect the red wire from rear camera to reversing light, speak ”start reversing” to ask the dash cam get into reversing mode immediately.

  • Adjustable Viewing Angle & Safe Parking】The 170° wide angle of dash cam is great to capture activities from both sides and eliminate the visual blind spots. You can slide the left screen up and down to adjust the angle while driving and reversing. The backup camera will automatically switch over full display with parking line when reversing if you connect the red wire from rear camera to the backup light.

  • Loop Recording/G-sensor & Parking Monitor】 Loop recording will auto overwrite the earliest unlocked footage in case the SD card is full. With built-in G sensor, the mirror dash cam will lock emergency video in the event of an accident to prevent being overwritten. Triggered by parking monitor, the dash cam will automatically turn on and take 20s footage when detecting collision.