Paint Protection Film

Invisible car paint protection film is your best insurance policy

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a thick clear film that is applied to high impact areas of cars, this is designed to be as invisible as possible while providing the paintwork with a super durable barrier against stone chips, scuff, scratches.


How does paint protection film work?
The vehicle’s paintwork will go through an extensive decontamination wash, removing any bonded contamination that may be present, depending on the condition of the vehicle it may require a few stages of machine polishing to make sure the paintwork is perfect before the film is applied.

The film is then applied, either by a unique pattern that is a custom template for your vehicle, or you can opt for a bespoke custom-fit install to make sure we cover as much of the surface area as possible. The paint protection film is a clear, ultra-thin urethane plastic, preventing rock chips and bug splatters from causing permanent damage to the car’s paintwork, by creating a barrier between car paint and other elements that cause car paint scratches.

Despite our best efforts to park carefully and avoid scratching their car paintwork, or a random stone clipping their car on the motorway, there will be times when accidents happen. The beauty of car paint protection film is that it takes the damage instead of car paint, and minimises the cost of car painting in such cases. If you’re lucky, you’ll escape 100% damage free, too!

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