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We don’t just work with cars ? we are PASSIONATE about them.
We strive to provide the correct treatment and efficient service for your vehicle.
We are passionate about providing the correct treatments and services for your vehicle at the right time.
We always use 1 new cleaning set for each car, we do not use the same several times
Our new car for Detailing typically takes 8-12 hours ( not 30 minutes )

5 Reasons Why Ceramic Coating Is Worth It

1.  Protects Your Paint
Ceramic coating provides a strong, protective surface on your car’s body that works to block all foreign matter from causing damage to your car. It can withstand a significant amount of damage without showing any visible effects on your car, such as fading, oxidation, and chemical staining.  Ceramic coating can also protect your car from harmful UV rays, which can lead to oxidation.  This is especially helpful if you park your car outside.

2. Keeps Your Car Cleaner
With the hard surface that ceramic coating provides, any dirt or debris just rolls off the surface, rather than getting stuck within the tiny pockets of your vehicle’s body.  This means that your car stays cleaner and even when it does need a wash, getting all that dirt off takes so much less time than it normally would!

3. Lasts Longer Than Other Paint Protection Methods
Traditional paint coatings such as wax wear off much faster than ceramic coatings.  When you choose a ceramic coating from RK Car Design, you can expect it to last for years, without wearing off after being exposed to weather, components of the atmosphere, bird droppings, or other possible contaminants.

4. Cost Effective
One of the best parts about ceramic coating is that it’s a very cost effective option for vehicle owners.  While the investment may be a bit larger up front, it will cost you less in the long-run because you won’t have to spend as much money on things like wax, car washes, and other exterior detailing services.  Depending on the type of ceramic coating you get, it is an essentially permanent solution, so you won’t have to worry about continuing to replace it year after year!

5. Looks Great
Who doesn’t love the look of a shiny new car? With ceramic coating, not only is your vehicle’s surface protected, but the fresh coating leaves a beautiful, candy-like gloss for all to admire. It will bring the best out of your original paint job, restoring your car’s look to when you drove it for the first time!

What is a Ceramic Coating?
A ceramic coating is a mixture of nanostructured silanes and siloxanes that when hand-applied, chemically bond to the paint or glass. Ceramic coatings protect the surface from chemical and UV degradation as well as offering a level of scratch resistance.

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Dual-Layer Hydrophobic

Both with a base of crystalline hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, Hi-MOHS COAT The Edge boasts even longer durability and even more shocking hydrophobicity, while Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow boasts mesmerizingly deep gloss. The legendary sisters of Hydrophobicity and Gloss have been born!

Dual-Layer High Gloss

After ten years of Hi-MOHS COAT boasting the most extreme properties in the G’ZOX range, the time has come for new legends to be born. With a base of crystalline hardness 8 on the Mohs scale, Hi-MOHS COAT The Glow boasts mesmerizingly deep gloss that ensures your vehicle will make a powerful and unique impression.

Real Glass Coat – Class M
Ultra Glossy Effect

Powerful hydrophobicity, excellent durability, and the deepest gloss combine to form a Masterpiece of paint protection. The premier model in the Real Glass Coat series.

Real Glass Coat – Class R
Water Beading Effect

Beautiful gloss and a powerfully protective Repellent effect. Featuring sharp looks and dazzling water-repellency!

Real Galss Coat – Class H
Water Sheeting Effect

Prevents stains and waterspots with its incredible Hydrosheeting ability. Excellent hardness and durability not only protect the paint, but also help keep it beautifully clean!

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