Detailing Inquiry

Step 1: Please choose your vehicle type

Small Car ie Mini Cooper/Fiat 500/Ford Ka/Yaris
Medium Car ie VW Golf/Audi A3/Porsche 911/BMW 1
Large Car ie Tesla Model 3, S/BMW 5 /Porsche Macan
Extra Large ie BMW X5,X6/Volvo XC90/Porsche Cayenne
Step 2: What is the overall condition of your paintwork?

New or Near perfect
Light swirls
Large swirls
Deep scratches
Step 3: How much polishing do you require?

RK Car Wash Only

3 stage decontamination wash; includes, alloy wheel cleaner, citrus pre-wash, snow foam, two bucket method wash, iron fallout remover, tar & glue remover and clay bar process.

Hint: Recommended for new cars

RK Level 1 - Correction

1 stage machine polishing to remove 70-80% of swirl and defect.

This service is the first of our Paint Correction Details
After a full safe wash & decontamination, the vehicle is blow dried, any sensitive areas masked off and paint depth readings are taken to determine the level of correction possible.

The paint is then machine polished 1 Step with a suitable polishing compound

Hint: An excellent choice for new or nearly new cars too, whilst it does have limitations, the results are brilliant.

RK Level 2 - Correction

2 step machine polishing remove 80-90% swirl and defects

The vehicle is prepared in exactly the same way as per the Level 1 Paint Correction.

However, with an added machine polishing compounding stage this service is designed to remove even further blemishes than the Level 1. This may also involve additional polishing stages to refine and enhance the paint to the highest possible standard.

Additionally, the alloys are cleaned and the glass is polished outside

Hint: In our experience, most cars more than 80% will require this treatment to bring about a flawless finish.

Step 4: Paint Protection Options - (Please choose only 1)

G-ZOX - M Series

up to 5 Year Protection
Price £199
Ceramic Coating – High Gloss

  • Durability
  • Slickness
  • Gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • Chemical & UV
G-ZOX - R Series

up to 5 Year Protection
Price £199
Ceramic Coating – Hydrophobic

  • Durability
  • Slickness
  • Gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • Chemical & UV
G-ZOX - H Series

up to 5 Year Protection
Price £199
Ceramic Coating – Hydrosheeting

  • Durability
  • Slickness
  • Gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • Chemical & UV

up to 9 Year Protection
Price £349
2 layers Ceramic – Hydro or Deep Gloss 

  • Durability
  • Slickness
  • Gloss
  • Hydrophobic
  • Chemical & UV
Step 5: Protect your rims, glass, trim, leather, fabric, dash, door cards & soft top

Windscreen & all Ext Glass

Price £49  up to 20000 miles Protection All external side and rear windows are treated with a highly durable, optically clear, easy to clean coating. This coating is based on Fusso Technology to provide a powerfully hydrophobic coating.


Price £99 up to 2 Year Protection A tough glass/ceramic coating for wheels. Excellent dirt-repellency, long durability, and amazing shine that keeps a long-lasting, beautiful finish. The dirt-repellent properties make it easy to wash just with water – for easier day-to-day maintenance.

Leather or Fabric Package

Price £49
Many recent vehicles feature seats that use both leather, and fabric or Alcantara surfaces. This Combination Package includes protection for dirt-repellency and durability, optimized for each type of material. Maintain a comfortable driving experience by preserving the beautiful condition of leather-appointed seats.

Dashboard & Door Cards

Price £49 Protect your various dash materials (leather, plastics, rubber, vinyl). Coatings for dirt-repellency and durability, optimised for each type of material.

Step 6: Extra cleaning work

Engine Bay Detail

Price £149 The engine bay is a hidden area but somewhere that should not be ignored, it not only completes the overall look of your vehicle but a clean engine bay will make it easier to see any possible issues & make any issues easier to correct

Leather or Fabric Premium

Price from £149 Prevents the sticking and penetration of dirt without damaging the colour and texture of the leather, preserving the luxurious texture for longer. It also has an anti-slip effect, for a more comfortable driving experience.

Wheel arch cleaning

Price: £99  One of if not the dirtiest area’s of a car is its wheel arches! Our arch package is a wheels off deep clean process making sure all areas are fully cleaned!

Aftercare Services ★

Price £499 Following a full vehicle detailing, it’s advisable maintain the treatment with our auto detailing aftercare service. Regular maintenance treatments keep the integrity of the protective layers and prevent further damage to the paint.  This package includes 1 visit each month for 12 months.  

Step 7: Maintenance Kits

RK Car Shampoo

Removes road grime easily
Non-caustic formula
100% biodegradable
Bottle Size: 500ml
Price £7.99

Unlike traditional pre-wash snow foams that come loaded with caustic chemicals, RK Car Shampoo Foam is a pH neutral formula that removes hard to shift grime without damaging coatings.

RK Car Detailer

Easy to apply
Works with all GZOX
Flawless, streak-free finish
Bottle Size: 500ml
Price £14.99

For unrivaled protection and a premium finish to your car’s bodywork, look to new RK Car Design and their dirt and water repelling Car Detailer, providing you with the best possible hydrophobic protection come rain or shine.

RK Maintenance Kit

A boxed set for vehicle owners to maintain RK Car Design Kit. Price £24.99

Kit Includes: RK Car Shampoo 500ml
RK Car Detailier 500ml
RK Ultimate Microfibre

The GZOX Maintenance Kit

This kit allows owners of vehicles coated with Hi-MOHS COAT The Neo to perform basic maintenance themselves. Price £99

Kit Includes:  Hi-MOHS COAT Maintenance Shampoo
Hi-MOHS COAT Maintenance Sponge
Maintenance Liquid
Hi-MOHS COAT Maintenance Cloth
Drying cloth

Step 8: Contact details

All estimates require a visual inspection of your vehicle before a final quote can be made.
Time Calculation: 8h = 1 working day
We will contact you within 48h to offer an available date.

Total cost: 

All estimates require a visual inspection of your vehicle before a final quote can be made.
Time Calculation: 8h = 1 working day
We will contact you within 48h to offer an available date.

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