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The paint should really shine again? Then simply use: Coarse Sandingpolish siliconeoilfree Heavy Cut H9.02 Koch Chemie 1 Liters.

Innovative machine polish for the quick reconditioning of heavily weathered paintwork, for the removal of deep scratches and for the effective removal of paint mist and sanding up to 1200 grain. Thanks to the extremely homogeneous abrasive grain, Heavy Cut H9.02 produces an extremely high cut with a very good gloss level. Can be polished for an extremely long time with little dust or spray development without burning in and can be wiped off perfectly. Ideally suited for all types of paint (both soft and scratch-resistant).

Use a rotary polishing machine and a lambskin pad (with a bevel of 1,200 – 2,500) or a heavy cut pad (with a bevel of 2,000 – 5,000) in a cross-process. Use sanding polish at medium speed and medium pressure. The best possible surface is achieved by polishing with Micro Cut M3.02.

Technical data and description:

  • Paint on passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, etc.
  • Check for suitability and compatibility before use.
  • Degree of sanding: 9.0.
  • Gloss level: 6,0.
  • Manufacturer No.: 458001.
  • Manufacturer: Koch Chemie.
  • Delivery quantity: 1 Liters.
  • Delivery content: 1 piece á 1 Liters is supplied as shown in the product image.

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