Tire Black Wax – Tyre Wax 170 g


A wax for tyres!

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A wax for tyres!

Tire Wax evenly coats the tyre’s surface, enhancing their natural blackness. Created for all those, who want to maintain the matte effect and at the same time effectively reduce the aging process of their car’s tyres.

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Ultra protection!

Tire Wax protects against moisture, dirt and UV rays, remaining one of the most effective and unique tyre dressings on the market.

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How to apply

1 Make sure the tyres are clean. Optionally prepare them with a dedicated cleaner – e.g. Stain Cleaner.
2 Remove the lid from the can and take the included applicator sponge.
3 Place the applicator in can, scooping up a small amount of wax and apply a thin layer onto the tyre. You can layer the product for better results.
4 Allow the wax to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes to achieve a matte effect.
5 Optionally: polish the tyres with a soft microfiber for a satin look.